Breast Cancer

Types of Cancer(s) / tumour sites covered

Breast Service

Brief introduction

MDT ensures a coordinated approach to diagnosis, treatment and care for patients diagnosed with breast cancer and benign breast conditions.


What to do if you expect you may have cancer

Report concerns to your GP. At that point if your GP feels that you should be seen at the hospital a referral will be completed.

You will be referred to a ‘Breast Clinic’ where a ‘triple assessment’ will be carried out:-

  • Clinical- history and examination
  • Radiological- mammogram or ultrasound or both based on clinical parameters.
  • Pathological- Core biopsy or the occasional fine needle aspiration.

Contact numbers and email addresses

Mr Isgar secretary 01902 695978
Mrs Matey secretary 01902 695979
Mr Sircar secretary 01902 695979
Mr Mylvaganam secretary 01902 695978
Miss Vidya secretary 01902 695969

Breast Care Nurses 01902 695144

Location of Outpatient Clinics


Location of Inpatient Facilities

Beynon Short Stay

Support Group Information

Breast Care Action Group- Chair person Gill Phillips 07703164905 meeting second Wednesday of each month, Deanesly Centre, New Cross Hospital.

Butterflies Breast Support Group, contact Pamela Bray 01889 882468, Alison Smith 01785 660193.

Butterflies Men’s Group Alison or Charlotte Smith 01785 660193
Or Pamela Bray 01889 882468. Meetings held at Stafford Constitutional Club Ltd, 5, Lloyd Street, Stafford ST16 3AS.

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